GameAgents raman fara echipa de CS:GO


GameAgents raman fara echipa de CS:GO

Final de drum pentru organizatia GameAgents in Romania

Aleksandar Gligoric, CEO-ul si fondatorul GameAgents, a anuntat plecarea echipei cu lineup de jucatori romani in seara de 03 octombrie 2021, la ora 23:19, pe Twitter. Motivele parasirii GameAgents nu sunt propria vointa, din ce relateaza, ci mai degraba plecarea jucatorilor la “o alta organizatie din Romania care le-a adus o oferta mai buna fata de ceea ce ofera GA”, asta in conditiile in care jucatorii nu aveau salarii la aceasta organizatie, conform lui Gligoric. Cu toate acestea, el a anuntat ca este si ultimul lot de jucatori romani pe care il va lua, intrucat “exista 0 energie ramasa pentru a construi iar de la fundatie o noua echipa”.

Acum, ramane intrebarea: unde va pleca lotul de jucatori ex-GameAgents? Infinite pare a fi momentan singura organizatie ramasa fara core, dupa plecarea lui ragga, Chanky si zewts. Mai mult, este singura organizatie fara jucatori care poate si sa aduca “o oferta mai buna” pe masa fata de GameAgents. Dar totusi, SEMINTE si Ed1m inca fac parte din Infinite, ceea ce inseamna ca avem 2 ipoteze posibile: SEMINTE si Ed1m raman si isi selecteaza 3 jucatori din lotul ex-GameAgents SAU lotul ex-GameAgents vine in intregime sub organizatia Infinite. Mai exista si o posibilitate, putin probabila, ca o noua organizatie cu resurse financiare in spate sa apara. Ramane de vazut.

Sa nu excludem tease-ul celor de la RedFear, care pe data de 08 octombrie vor anunta ceva, o postare venita alaturi de un mesaj criptat. Acestia au mai oferit salarii in trecut.


Acesta era lineup-ul GameAgents inainte de plecarea jucatorilor:

ga 1

Iata cele spuse de Aleksandar Gligoric. Nu vom traduce textul din engleza in romana pentru a nu exista vreo posibilitate de a denatura ceea ce fondatorul GameAgents a dorit sa transmita. Urmeaza un citat lung:

I would like to inform our fans in Romania that we are leaving the scene (not sure if forever, but could be).

Reason (the latest one) is that certain RO org approached our team few days ago and they decided to go there, as offer looks better for them than what they get in GA, which is legit and there is def no bad blood. I wish them all the best and especially to stay together as a team. However, there is 0 energy left in me to build things from scratch once again, so this is the end.

Here is the summary of our romanian adventure:

We joined the scene 2 years ago when there was only 1 team dominating the scene for many years. I decided to do a bit of scouting, pick young and talented players and create something long term that can, not just be competitive to Nexus, but also on the international scene. The building process took some time, there were some changes aswell but at the end we created something good and became the best team in RO at one point.

We showed the way to other people as well and they followed our way when it comes to invest in players/teams, as they saw its possible to be the best if you know what are u doing. If you see scene now and 2 years ago, its totaly different thing and im really happy RO scene is growing.

There is so many talented players out there its crazy, but to reach success talent is not enough. But i wont talk about that right now, maybe i will have chance to give my point of view later in some article or interview which could be guidance for the young players, maybe even new organizations aswell.

Everyone know what players were part of our adventure at the start. We had some changes which is normal but at the end i think our best lineup was:

– fNk

– regali

– mhN1

– renne

– s0und/lauNX

Im 100% sure this lineup could reach top30 in world ranking. It was a perfect combo for the roles.

We lost s0und in the way we should never do, we were rly disapointed but the second he left i already knew who is the next player of GA.

lauNX is the player i wanted for so long, RENNE can confirm that. And when we finally took him, motivation was back and i was rly hyped as i knew that we have insane lineup that can do a lot if they work hard, sacrifise and listen.

If i remember we had 12 win streak at that time, and just all of the sudden, launx decided to leave, once again we all know in which way it happened so i wont return to that topic. This is not another drama building text for sure.

After launx left, i knew its the end of that team, we just couldnt go through same situation in sucha short period. Anyway i tried my best to motivate the players to keep working hard. We picked zrkk but it just didnt work, not because he is not good player, but because players had no energy and motivation left, so he was just a colateral dmg, and im rly sorry for him (still im rly happy he went back to his friend in quantum and playing good).

Finally team was ahead of important esea playoff and REL lan, but they just didnt pracc for almost 2 months at all as some of the players had school obligations (school first boys!!). Even with that fact they still had high expectations but i knew we gonna lose all as without the hard work, no fking chance 🙂

ESEA failed, REL failed and team split up.

Shortly after that i decided to do what i already did once, to build team from scratch from unknown/less known young and talented players. Started scouting, picked habibi as first guy and we started tryouts. Tried different players and we came to the finall lineup.

At the end we had to replace jeje as he couldnt dedicate enough due to shit school schedule but also imo he was not ready to work hard and sacrifise. He is rly young and dont understand most of the things atm as he have no experience at all.

However, imo, one of the most talented entry in romania. He have 0 experience and he is 16 years old, i can only imagine what kind of player he can be in year or two if someone work with him in the right way. (there is a free tip for you org owners:))

Anyway our new team with unexperienced and young players started to pracctice with flow, they got best pracc group, invite to some tournaments from the start and rly good starting point in general.

Improvement is obvious after just 2 months. They got their names on radar and after just 2 months one RO org approached them and wanted to pick full team.

To be clear, team had no salary, they got good conditions to work and improve, paid esea fees and premiums, top pracc group, support from the management. Salary need to be deserved and plan was to get it until the end of the year.

As all ppl in this world, they needed some cash too, as some of them live alone, study etc, which i 100% understand, therefore i respect their decision, and they know that. However, what i see there as a problem is 99% of the players are not planing long term. You can see all the players bouncing around from team to team like a bouncing ball, at the end there is nothing, no difference.

But if i have to lose the players, im definitly happy to lose whole team to another org, so the fact they stick together is rly good.

I also have to be fair and say that i dont agree with the decision, even tho i respect it, but once again i might give explaination for that some other time.

At the end i wanna thank all GameAgents fans and all the csgo fans in romania, all the players who played in GameAgents, coaches. Wich you guys all the best and im happy to see most of u playing in top teams in Romania. Thanks to the all tournament organizers that gave us a chance.

Thanks to Werty, jaxi, pop….I rly enjoyed all the GA matches u were casting, even tho i dont understand romanian (now i know some words:)).

Its possible i forgot to mention someone so i really apologize, but i really appreciate all of ppl who were part of our journey.

I also have some special thanks too.

So my special thanks goes to our staff crew, Rove, rukky, anton, Octav and sudi who joined recently. Those guys are gold, they worked rly hard together with me to build something great in Romania. They gave everything and i wont forget it, love you guys <3.

Big thanks to Mihai Cotos from Digital Crusade who helped me a lot with administrative stuff. Thanks a lot Mihai!

Special thanks to markk, regali and renne. You three guys are not just great players for me but also great ppl and friends. You showed me so much love and loyalty that i will never forget. In just a bit less than 2 years we created the path for many players. Im rly proud that we have regali went internationally to one of the biggest orgs in Counter Strike history, and most of our players in top romanian teams.

I gave my best for the Romanian CS:GO. Was it good, was it enough? I will leave you to judge.



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