eXe paraseste echipa Quantum Prodigy

eXe paraseste echipa Quantum Prodigy

Eduard “eXe” Nita paraseste echipa Quantum Prodigy

Jucatorul in varsta de 21 de ani a ales sa paraseasca echipa Quantum Prodigy. Aceasta este o decizie personala, conform unui Tweet al acestuia:

I want to announce my departure from the Quantum Prodigy team. I want to personally thank you for all the staff that is there and the players, who i am deeply sad that we couldn’t get the results we deserved. I hope you guys will accomplish your goals and many more!!! ❤️

It is 100% my decision and i want everybody to respect it.

So with that being said, i’m currently a free agent and am looking for a new chance to prove myself.

Rt’s appreciated.

@eXewow1337CSGO – Twitter

Echipele pentru care eXe a jucat de-a lungul carierei sale sunt:

  • KnockOut
  • Nexus Academy
  • RedFear Esports
  • OneTap Gaming
  • Quantum Prodigy

Alaturi de eXe, Quantum Prodigy au terminat pe locul 3 in cadrul Superbet Open 2021. Eduard a avut stats-uri bune in cadrul turneului:

  • 39 de kill-uri, 3 assist-uri, 40 de death-uri: rating 1.00 versus Nexus Gaming (semifinala upper bracket)
  • 29 de kill-uri, 10 assist-uri, 30 de death-uri: rating 0.97 versus allStars Gaming (finala lower bracket)
  • 53 de kill-uri, 12 assist-uri, 56 de death-uri: rating 0.94 versus OneTap Gaming (finala de consolidare)

Redactor: @octav_manda

Octavian Manda